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Crystal Ball - Jan 9, 2009 [17 Aug 2008|10:00pm]

As most of you know the Crystal Ball will be held on Jan 9, 2009 at Landoll's Mohican Castle in Loudonville Ohio.  Information on the ball as it comes out can be found on it's site:


Recently (as in this weekend) we've turned on the Ticket Sales. Tickets will be $65 a person and can be purchased by mailing Beth or using paypal on the site.  This year we expect a lot of attendees from the HP fandom, especially some of our sister regional groups!  Yay for International Magical Cooperation!

Also, as some of you have seen by discussion on the forums, the rooms at the Castle are going quickly.  As of now, there are 2 suites and 4 cottages left unbooked.  Please remember that the Castle is not the only lodging option.  The Mohican Resort is close by and I believe is willing to put together a shuttle for guests to and from the castle for a fee.  We will post more on the status of the different lodging options and any other information we get from their management.

If you have any questions, please post on the forums or contact Monica, events@hp-ohio.com

Thanks Everyone!!

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Arbor Day [21 Apr 2008|06:16pm]
It's official! The Arbor Day Foundation has created a special page to collect donations in honor of the Whomping Willow to celebrate Arbor Day--this Friday, April 25.

All of the donations made through http://www.arborday.org/whompingwillow will be tracked so that we can let everyone know how much Harry Potter fans love the Whomping Willow and trees in general.

So spread the word far and wide! Tell everyone you know and make a donation if you can. Yay trees!
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Summer Events! [26 Jun 2007|10:13pm]
Just a reminder of some events coming up soon!


7 Jul 07- Pre-Movie/Book Party at Starbase on Saturday, July 7th at 9 PM! Hosted by Bill Connick from Bill's Bricks and Toys in associated with Starbase. See the meet-up boards for more discussion!

11 Jul 07 - OotP viewing at the Arena Grand in Columbus, 10:15PM show. Dinner at Ted Montana's at 7:30PM.

15 Jul 07 - The Leaky Cauldron's "Pottercast" will record their weekly podcast LIVE from the Columbus Sawmill Road Borders. The podcast will include audience input.

20 Jul 07 - Wizarding Wilmington Release Party for Deathly Hallows!

25 Jul 07 - Draco and the Malfoys, Harry and the Potters and the Whomping Willows wrock the Cleveland Public Library (Lakeshore)

27 Jul 07 - Draco and the Malfoys, Harry and the Potters and the Whomping Willows wrock in Columbus. Location to be announced. Dinner and Drinks before or after the show!
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Jun HH Minutes [10 Jun 2007|11:45am]
Jun 2007 HH Minutes
9 Jun 07

Lunch Attendees:
Todd (Minister of Muggle Artifacts)
Beth (Minister of Membership)
Manda (Minister of Online Affairs)

Quidditch Attendees:
Todd (Minister of Muggle Artifacts)
Beth (Minister of Membership)
Manda (Minister of Online Affairs)


Knight Bus' stops in Northern Ohio on 23 Jun. Rory and Beth will most likely attend one or both. They will need flyers/bumper stickers, business cards, etc to push hp-ohio to the crowd.

10/11 July Movie Release at Arena Grand. Spoke to Cheryl via cell phone. She hasn't heard back from AG contact yet. Has emailed and will contact again. Tickets will be on sale Monday or Tuesday. IF YOU WANT TO GO YOU NEED TO POST ON THE JULY HH BOARD SO CHERYL HAS AN ACCURATE HEAD COUNT. Otherwise we will buy 20 tickets using the hp-ohio funds to sell to the 13 people currently listed with 7 extra to sell. If we do not sell all of them by the date of the movie, we will sell them to people waiting in line at the AG as we walk in.

Pottercast on 15 July in Columbus. We would like to see as many folks attend that are able. Rory please contact Sue Upton on our behalf and let her know hp-ohio will have some members there and if there is anything they would like from us (interview, loud yelling in the background, heads up on our events, etc.)

Wizarding Wilmington on 20 July. Talked about skits, schedule, quidditch, and uniforms.

Quidditch: I need team captains to have a final design for their shirts THIS WEEK. You can find an image, draw an image or describe one to me to draw for team logo. I will be ordering the grey mesh this week to begin making the over-robes. I will post patch image before having made. Later in the evening we called Brian to discuss how Quidditch at Wilmington would go. 5pm-5:30pm will be a discussion of rules to the crowd and players. Expo game 1 will be Ohio Northern United vs Cbus Cruciatus (each game will be approx a half hour and will have false snitches worth 10 points released for the first 20 minutes every few minutes... remember this is for show everyone!). This will be followed by a half hour for kids competitions/games. Kids will have the chance to shoot into the hoops at various distances, catch the snitch, and aim bludgers. Details are not worked out yet. But if they earn the position they'll get a sticker/badge to wear. I just thought, we can make them on cafepress (little buttons that say the positions) and order like 100 a pop. Easy to do and we have the resource. Expo game 2 will start at 6:30 with ONU vs Daytonnati Dementors, followed by a half hour for the kids again. Then a break or open pitch during the parade, followed by expo game 3 with DD vs CbusC. Then we can leave it an Open Pitch until 10ish I would say, then pack up equipment as it would be getting dark and folks can go clean up, enjoy the Whomping Willows and the other countdown activities.

Skits/classes: Did some rearranging on the initial schedule sent by Laurie because it would be Beth would have to be LV, then change into Quidditch and back again. And would conflict with games. So Wand Safety and you is set for 6:45-7pm followed by Herbology at 7-7:15 (Cora, Liz this would let you play the first expo game if you would like.) Then Quidditch Safety and You at 7:15-7:30pm. Cora, all your extras will be in Quidditch Gear still so we should look the part plus it will be during the kids games so no one will miss a game! Then we're all free to do the parade. Then Defense Against the DA and You will be at 9pm (This gives Beth time to get all Voldie'd after 2 quidditch games). Todd volunteered to do 2 potions classes since it seemed to be a hit last time. Jenn offered to give him a kids science book with some good ideas for potions. Beth said Rory also has quite a few things that would be of use. He will work with them to design his class. The idea was also brought up that hp-ohio could to a "live action" potter puppet pals "mysterious ticking" like we were doing at Marcon (and every other time we seem to be around each other now...). If everyone is willing and we have all the people for it, we could do it as a follow up after the Whomping Willows or sometime during the last couple of hours before release.

Schedule: I've reworked it on xcel. Going to present it to the Wilmington committee tomorrow (Monday). We're pretty sure we have made sure no one is required to be in 2 places at once, or that there are conflicts of games or big things everyone will want to be at.

Wizard Rock shows.
25 July D&tM, WW will be in Cleveland and 27 July D&tM, WW and H&tP will be in C-bus. We all decided it would be fun to extend an invite to hang out with hp-ohio before the show or afterwards or both. Dinner or drinks of some sort. Renee will has extend the invite on our behalf.

We then paid our bills, bought shoes for Beth, and went to the park!

After set up, we played one game against the Max -- it was close in scores and then Max caught the Golden Snitch to win. Then members joined in on some of the Max's other games such as Bounty Ball (volleyball with a roll of paper towels...) and then geared up to play a final game. This time, ahead at 20point Beth caught the snitch to secure a win for hp-ohio. Everyone had a great time and maybe had a few injuries and several pairs of glasses are not as they used to be. We're hoping now that some of the Max know how to play and enjoyed it, they will join us in Wilmington and fill in the teams.

After the sports, the Ministers retired to Todd's home for some final business discussion.

We first discussed some of the above information and called Cheryl to check our questions about the movie release. Then we moved on to other upcoming events for hp-ohio.

Crystal Ball 2007. We would like to secure a date asap so that we can advertise at Wilmington. Beth will be the committee chair person with Rory, Jackie, Julie and Michelle as her team. This year we'd like to include some sort of ice breaker activity at the beginning or during the social hour. The idea was to do something of a house competition (everyone would need to be sorted for sure before hand.) Idea proposed would be to do a sort of information scavenger hunt based off of questions on the registration (find someone from Chicago, find some one from each of the 3 houses, find a head of house, find a fanfic writer, find someone from geographically close to you... etc) Then we'd score and declare a house winner. We talked about inviting a Wizard Rock band, however ministers felt that this is a Ball not a concert and it just wasn't the right place for them. We would however, like more control over the DJ. Such as playing more wizardrock or magic related tunes as well as the usual party/dance songs, then allow 1-2 request songs to be played every half hour. It seemed that they ignored requests in order to play our list that we gave. They also seemed to ignore volume requests. There was complaint that you couldn't have conversations along the sidelines if you didn't want to dance. I think the dancers wouldn't mind at all if the volume was a bit lower. Photographer seemed to show up and leave very quickly. So if you missed it you missed it. Also Monica had mentioned before that he didn't keep us updated to whether he was meeting is quota of pictures. Had he, we could have bought a few extra, rather than pay a fee. It would also be nice if we could give a larger price break to hp-ohio members. If by word of mouth and more advertising this year, we can increase our ticket sales to 100, then it shouldn't be a problem dropping the price to our folk.

Concept image: http://www.hp-ohio.com/crystalball2007.jpg
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Crystal Ball Announcement! [02 Sep 2006|05:52pm]
September 1st, 2006 – Loudonville, Ohio -- hp-ohio, the Harry Potter fan organization for adults 18 and over in Ohio, is pleased to announce the Crystal Ball at Landoll’s Mohican Castle, located in Loudonville, Ohio. This year’s ball will take place on December 1st, 2006.

A magical evening awaits attendees to Landoll’s Academy of Sorcery. From a full-course meal, to horse-drawn carriage rides and dancing to chart-topping wizarding rock tunes, visitors to this once-in-a-lifetime celebration will delight in the joys of the season as we come together to celebrate magical cooperation.

Please note: Attendees must be 18 and over with valid identification and attire will be formal, whether magical or not. hp-ohio is not associated with the JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, Scholastic Publishing, or Warner Brothers. This is a non-profit event.

For more information on ticket sales and lodging, please visit our website:
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Quidditch Pictures! [19 Jun 2006|10:20pm]
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April HH [05 Apr 2006|07:04am]
Attention all hp-ohio members!

The time has come to have some Death Eater murder mystery fun, because the April HH is upon us!

We will be playing HP Mafia, and dancing nekkid hanging out around a bonfire the size of Rhode Island.

We will be cooking all food over the bonfire, so please bring something to cook your food on (ie: a stick of some kind). In the event of rain, we will move everything indoors and cook in Mike's fireplace (we just tried it and it worked!)

Alright, now down to the details:

Date - Friday April 28th
Time - 3pm til whenever
Place - 6275 Wilcox Rd.
Dublin OH. 43016

If anyone has any questions, refer to the HH thread on the forums : http://hpohio.proboards18.com/index.cgi?board=hh&action=display&thread=1137955573

If you could please RSVP, so I can get a general idea of how many people are attending. Also, if I could have a few volunteers to bring drinks, and maybe a pack or two of hotdogs, I would very much appreciate it :D

Thanks everyone,

Brian aka granpubasimms
Minister of Magical Events @ hp-ohio
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